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NEW: Wined-out Combo Posada at home + Sidewinder


Any Choice of Posada at Home Family Style packs

Posada Stove Top or Oven Ready / Microwave Enchiladas Casseroles + 12 oz  Sidewinder Margarita $50

Coming out Friday, April 2nd

Call to put in your order.

Sidewinder Margarita

Rim your glass with salt or tajin.  Add ice and pour Sidewinder 4 oz margarita into class. Garnish with lime wheel. Enjoy!

Wed - Sun Last pick is 7:30 pm

Chef Notes: ALl our dishes are designed for your full flavor experience. Please no changes

Enjoy Posada Noche Combo with your To-Go order

Posada Noche Wine Combo


2016 Noche Red Blend

made by Nottingham Cellars

2016 Noche "Zin" Zinfandel

made by 3 Steve's Winery

Beverages to-go

Order Sangritas 4 for $40

NCP (Nottingham Cellars & Posada) 3 bottles for $60

NCP (Nottingham Cellars & Posada) 3 bottles for $60


Enjoy our Signature Drink at home!

NCP (Nottingham Cellars & Posada) 3 bottles for $60

NCP (Nottingham Cellars & Posada) 3 bottles for $60

NCP (Nottingham Cellars & Posada) 3 bottles for $60


2019 Chardonnay, 2016 Posada Noche Red Blend, 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Heating Instructions & Chef Tip

Family Style Heating Instructions

Stove Top:

Family Style Chile Verde

Family Style Chile Colorado

Heating Instructions:

Pour meat into your sauce pan for no less than 6 minutes.

Microwave butter rice and black beans in containers provided until hot.

(not more than 3 minutes)

Chef Tip: add over easy efficient atop protein

Oven Ready or Microwave

Family Style New Mexico Enchilada

Family Style King Ranch Chicken 

Heating Instructions: Microwave

Uncover tray and lightly leave open, microwave for 4 minutes

Heating Instructions: Oven Ready 

Oven at 350F uncover tray and reheat for 25 minutes

Rice and Beans: uncover top and lightly leave open, microwave until hot

(no more than 3 minutes)

Plate and garnish

For NM Enchilada with queso fresco and crema

For King Ranch Enchilada with salsa fresca

Chef Tip: add over easy egg atop platted NM Enchilada